[collectd] Notification issues

Sebastiano Pilla sebastiano at datafaber.net
Sun Jul 17 20:02:00 CEST 2011

Toni Ylenius wrote:

> I'm not an expert on thresholds, but on my setup thresholds are
> triggered on
> the server. Are there notifications on your collectd server?
> However I don't know should one configure thresholds on both the
> server and
> the client. Maybe client side configuration is enough.

Actually this collectd instance acts both as a client, in the sense that 
it generates data for its own filesystem, memory, processes, etc. and as 
a server, in the sense that the rrdtool plugin is loaded and writes RRD 
files with its own values but also with values from other remote 
collectd instances.

I agree with you that, on principle, the notifications are meant to be 
client-side, but as far as I can see I fall within this case.

Best regards
Sebastiano Pilla

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