[collectd] Thresholds with df_complex type

Carlos Alberto Lopez Perez clopez at igalia.com
Mon Dec 26 21:31:14 CET 2011


I am trying to configure a threshold for sending alerts when the
disk-free is below the 5% but using the complex type of df (the one that
takes into account the reserved blocks)

I have:


<Plugin df>
       FSType "ext3"
       ReportReserved true


       <Plugin "df">
               <Type "df_complex">
                       DataSource "free"
                       Percentage true
                       WarningMin 5.0
                       FailureMin 2.0


However I get lot of warnings from collectd saying this:

ut_check_one_threshold: The df_complex type has only one data source,
but you have configured to check this as a percentage. That doesn't make
much sense, because the percentage will always be 100%!

I am running collectd 4.9.1

What I am doing wrong?


Carlos Alberto Lopez Perez                           http://neutrino.es
Igalia - Free Software Engineering                http://www.igalia.com

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