[collectd] [ANN] Collectd output plugin for Librato Metrics

Mike Heffner mike at librato.com
Wed Dec 14 02:32:15 CET 2011


I have just released a collectd output plugin that will push collectd stats
to Librato Metrics[1]. The plugin is written in Python and can be found on
Github here: https://github.com/librato/collectd-librato. It is being
released under the Apache 2.0 license and is largely based on the
exceptional collectd-carbon[2] output plugin.

This plugin will post collectd metrics to a configurable Librato Metrics
account every flush interval. It currently supports the GAUGE and COUNTER
data types natively and I plan to add support for the DERIVE type soon. See
the README at the Github repository address above for installation and
configuration instructions.

If you have feedback send me an email or shoot me a pull request for any
suggested changes.



[1]: https://metrics.librato.com/
[2]: https://github.com/indygreg/collectd-carbon


Full disclaimer: I currently hack on the Metrics project at Librato.
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