[collectd] [Server] Filter subsystem: Built-in target `write'

Jeremy MAURO jmauro at antidot.net
Fri Aug 12 11:20:08 CEST 2011

Hi everyone,

I have a question for you, my collectd server has the followin error:
Aug 11 17:34:49 webadm-srv01 collectd[3454]: Filter subsystem: Built-in
target `write': Dispatching value to all write plugins failed with
status -1.
Aug 11 17:34:49 webadm-srv01 collectd[3454]: uc_update: Value too old:
name = webadm-srv01.antisearch.net/swap/swap_io-out; value time =
1313076889; last cache update = 1313076889;

Of course I have read the FAQ, and since those error only appears for
the rrd file of the localhost (webadm-srv01) I am a bit lost, here are
the local configuration file (pretty basic)
FQDNLookup true
BaseDir "/var/lib/collectd"
LoadPlugin syslog
<Plugin syslog>
         LogLevel info
LoadPlugin apache
LoadPlugin cpu
LoadPlugin df
LoadPlugin disk
LoadPlugin entropy
LoadPlugin interface
LoadPlugin irq
LoadPlugin load
LoadPlugin memory
LoadPlugin network
LoadPlugin processes
LoadPlugin rrdtool
LoadPlugin snmp
LoadPlugin swap

<Plugin apache>
<Instance "apache80">
                 URL "http://localhost/server-status?auto"

<Plugin df>
         MountPoint "/lib/init/rw"
         MountPoint "/dev"
         IgnoreSelected true
         ReportInodes true

<Plugin network>
         Listen "10.10.XXX.XXX" "25826"
         Listen "10.10.XXX.XXX" "25826"
         MaxPacketSize 1024
         # statistics about the network plugin itself
         ReportStats false
         # "garbage collection"
         CacheFlush 1800

<Plugin rrdtool>
         DataDir "/data/local/collectd/rrd"
         CacheTimeout 300
         CacheFlush 1800
         WritesPerSecond 30
         RandomTimeout 20

So any idea?


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