[collectd] Jarmon 11.8 Released

Richard Wall richard at the-moon.net
Mon Aug 8 02:29:05 CEST 2011

I am pleased to announce the release of Jarmon 11.8

No major new features but the following general enhancements
 * updated to JQuery 1.6.2 and updated the other dependencies
 * slightly improved performance on IE
 * added a transformer option to allow eg conversion from network
throughput in octets/s to bit/s
 * implemented an automatic closure compiler command in the build tool
 * various bug fixes and code cleanups

Download Jarmon from: https://launchpad.net/jarmon


== Changes since 10.11 ==
Merge lp:~richardw/jarmon/prerelease-fixes
 * Add transformer function option to allow optional transformation of
RRD values before they are plotted
 * Update dates of copyright notices
 * Remove DNS reports from example page
 * Remove unfinished editable graph controls - I will try and finish
those off later.

Merge lp:~richardw/jarmon/jquery-deferred
 * Replace use of MochiKit.Async.Deferred with jQuery.Deferred
 * Turned cache prevention back on (jQuery.Ajax.cache: false)
 * Upgraded to jQuery 1.6.2
 * Fix various jshint warnings
 * Fix various whitespace and >80 col formatting

Merge lp:~richardw/jarmon/jquery-1.6-compatibility
 * Created a python based closure compiler script for automatic
creation of dependencies.js
 * Updated bundled jquery to v1.6.1
 * Updated all other dependencies to latest trunk versions
 * Fixed IE bug in Ajax BinaryDownload caused by new jQuery jxhr
rapper not providing access to responseBody
 * Speed up IE rendering using functions from miskun.com to convert
proprietary responseBody bytearray to byte string using VBScript
 * Imported JavascriptRRD BinaryFile classes and modified to make use
of miskun functions.
 * Fixed IE bug in calendar widgets - caused by unusual IE
stringification of Dates

== About Jarmon ==
 * Jarmon is a Javascript library designed to allow you to
quickly generate interactive DHTML charts from RRD data files -
entirely within the web browser - no server side components required.

 * Jarmon downloads multiple RRD files in parallel from one or more
servers, using asynchronous XHR requests, extracts and merges the data
and then plots the results using HTML5 canvas elements.

 * Jarmon includes a fully working dashboard application - a graphical
frontend to Collectd

 * Jarmon depends on the JavascriptRRD, Flot and jQuery libraries.

== Participate ==
 - Join the Jarmon Team on Launchpad and send messages to the mailing
list: https://launchpad.net/~jarmon-dev

 - Report bugs - submit full bug details in a Launchpad bug report -
including (if possible) instructions on how to recreate the problem,
sample RRD files, and failing unit tests.

 - Suggest new features - first discuss your suggestion with the
developers on the mailing list, then write a full Launchpad Blueprint.

 - Contribute code - create Jarmon branches and submit them to the
developers for code review and merging

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