[collectd] collectd plugin-specific intervals

Amos Shapira amos.shapira at gmail.com
Thu Sep 30 02:46:16 CEST 2010

+1 from me too.

I'd even ask for a different collection interval per instance, e.g.
maybe a "df" change on /home or /boot is less important to check on
every second than a "df" change on /var/log.

While we are on this topic - until this gets implemented - would it be
possible to work around this by having separate collectd servers for
different intervals?


On 30 September 2010 08:53, Bostjan Skufca <bostjan at a2o.si> wrote:
> +1 for this feature
> It could really help with IO "hell" also.
> Nicolas: maybe you should currently apply some of the generic plugins
> (exec, libperl, java) and collect the actual data only every 360th
> time (if you use 10s interval and want to collect this specific item
> only once every hour).
> b.
> On 29 September 2010 09:24, Nicolas Michael <email at nmichael.de> wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I recently came across collect and was impressed by its functionality and
>> modular design. Great work!
>> There is just one piece missing, which actually would be very important for me
>> to make use of it: A possibility to specifiy intervals on a per-plugin basis.
>> There are some counters which I need quite often (let's say, most OS statistics
>> as cpu, network etc.), and some statistics which are rather expensive to collect
>> and only change infrequently anyway (retrieved through some Oracle DB queries).
>> For the first set of data I would need at least 10 second intervals, while the
>> DB stuff should not be queried more often than once an hour. Those two intervals
>> are so wide apart that it's impossible to find any useful "compromise" here.
>> Browsing through your archives I've found some discussions from February this
>> year about the exact same topic. Do you have any plans to implement such a
>> feature in the near future (somehow generic for all plugins)? For my current
>> purpose it might be sufficient to have such intervals for the oracle (and maybe
>> Exec, GenericJMX and Java) plugins, but of course a generic solution would be
>> even better.
>> Thanks for your help,
>> and again my respect for this great tool!
>> Nick.
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