[collectd] collectd plugin-specific intervals

Nicolas Michael email at nmichael.de
Wed Sep 29 09:24:07 CEST 2010


I recently came across collect and was impressed by its functionality and
modular design. Great work!

There is just one piece missing, which actually would be very important for me
to make use of it: A possibility to specifiy intervals on a per-plugin basis. 

There are some counters which I need quite often (let's say, most OS statistics
as cpu, network etc.), and some statistics which are rather expensive to collect
and only change infrequently anyway (retrieved through some Oracle DB queries).
For the first set of data I would need at least 10 second intervals, while the
DB stuff should not be queried more often than once an hour. Those two intervals
are so wide apart that it's impossible to find any useful "compromise" here.

Browsing through your archives I've found some discussions from February this
year about the exact same topic. Do you have any plans to implement such a
feature in the near future (somehow generic for all plugins)? For my current
purpose it might be sufficient to have such intervals for the oracle (and maybe
Exec, GenericJMX and Java) plugins, but of course a generic solution would be
even better.

Thanks for your help,
and again my respect for this great tool!


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