[collectd] multiple <Exec> sections?

Neal Tucker ntucker at august20th.com
Fri Sep 24 01:17:22 CEST 2010

I currently have a set of config files which are factored as much as
possible, so there are a few commonly-used conf files for checks that occur
on many machines, and then there are machine-specific configs which
"Include" the common parts depending on what functionality they want.  For
example, database machines include a "db-common.conf" which configures the
mysql plugin.

The catch that I've just run into is that I now want to define two different
"Exec"s, one of which is used everywhere, and one which is only used on
database machines.  Is there a way I can define two <Exec> sections without
having one clobber the other?  Is there another way to solve this problem?

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