[collectd] [PATCH] lpar plugin update

Aurélien Reynaud collectd at wattapower.net
Sat Sep 11 16:36:31 CEST 2010

Hello Florian,

> yeah, and now I'm craving for a POWER7-based system and am beginning to
> think that 10,000 EUR for a server is "cheap" and it's all your fault! ;)

Maybe you could get in touch with IBM ? They might be willing to sponsor
your work... ;-)
/sarcastic mode off

> No, thank you for figuring this out :) I didn't find anything useful on
> "_THREAD_SAFE", by the way, other than something along the lines of
> "your thread provider should set this". So I'm assuming that an equally
> well solution would be to include <pthread.h> before <errno.h>. Just a
> guess, though.

I can't say much more. As you said the documentation is scarce. I had to
dig into AIX's header files to find about it, and to be honest I don't
really want to dig further into this as my itch is now scratched.

> Oh, "used" was a typo. I meant "idle", of course. The reason for this
> (and to some degree, the "consumed" / "entitled" business above) is that
> I prefer each tick to be accounted for *once*. So the busy ticks would
> be included in both, the "busy" metric and the "total" metric. When both
> are equally available (or trivially computable) I prefer used/unused
> over used/total.

It make sense to me, can't but agree with your approach..

> I'll probably implement this tonight, unless you beat me to it. It
> should basically be one subtraction and a changed string .. ;)

> So maybe we could collect only entitled and consumed by default, and
> > provide some 'Details = true/false' option to enable the collection
> > the different processor states.
> Would be okay for me. Power to the user ;)

I'll be out of office until sept 20 (being at IBM's, learning about AIX
clusters) so I won't have access to my test machines for a moment. If
you are willing to make the changes I will test them and provide
feedback wrt compilation etc as soon as I return. Otherwise I will code
them myself and post them after some testing.


Aurélien Reynaud

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