[collectd] What is GaugeMax of tail plugin?

Denis Melnikov mdb65 at tu.komus.net
Thu Sep 9 17:52:07 CEST 2010



collectd.conf(5) says: "GaugeMax    Use the greatest number only."
My collectd.conf is:

<Plugin "tail">
  <File "/var/log/nginx-access.log">
    Instance "nginx"
      Regex " 200 resp=([0-9]+\\.[0-9]+)"
      DSType "GaugeMax"
      Type "response_time"
      Instance "max"

My RRD graph to see overall maximum is:

DEF:maxresp=tail-nginx/response_time-max.rrd:value:MAX \
VDEF:maxall=maxresp,MAXIMUM \

Now if I see for example 783.3 on my graph I believe I can see
" 200 resp=783.3" in the logfile. But I don't see it!
Instead, I find " 200 resp=1537.387".
`rrdtool fetch` lists as follows:

1284033470: 2.4634500000e+01
1284033480: 7.8328150000e+02
1284033490: 7.7944550000e+02
1284033500: 1.9102000000e+01

So '783.3' is what RRD stores. But I want to see 1537.387 - the actual
Is it possible? Otherwise, what is a benefit of GaugeMax?


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