[collectd] Thresholds help.

Scott M. Likens scott at likens.us
Fri Sep 3 02:58:40 CEST 2010


Running an old version of collectd here (4.5.2) working with Thresholds w/ an Exec Plugin and I must be missing something.

I realize I may be doing this the wrong way so please pardon any crazyness,

Wanting to collect and alert based on the queue size in exim, so I setup a plugin that calls this,

echo "PUTVAL `hostname -f`/exim/queue_count N:`/usr/sbin/exim -bpc`"

I added queue_count to types.db which maybe bad, but I copied 'counter'...

I have an existing Threshold setup working with cpu/etc, so I just wanted to drop this into the Threshold block like, 

  <Plugin Threshold>
    <Plugin "exec">
    <Type "queue_count">
      WarningMin 0.00
      WarningMax 10.0
      FailureMin 0.00
      FailureMax 20.0
      DataSource "value"
<Plugin exec>
  Exec "nobody" "/etc/exim/collectd_mailq.sh"

What am I missing here? I would love to know as I have a graph that has stats... it counts beautifully... but I don't have Thresholds working :(

I can attach the rest of the collectd.conf if requested, but didn't see it was pertinent as it works with the exception of this.

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