[collectd] lpar plugin final patches

Aurélien Reynaud collectd at wattapower.net
Thu Oct 14 22:09:26 CEST 2010

Hello Florian,
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here is a final series of patches regarding the lpar plugin.

The first one adds a check in configure.in, testing whether libperfstat
has the struct members relative to donation accounting. Libperfstat is
continuously updated to support the latest AIX features, and donation
wasn't supported on early versions of AIX 5.3. The patch also adds #if's
to lpar.c to conditionnally disable the donation-related code.

The second patch updates the comment regarding the "busy" vs "idle" question
about pool statistics. As I said in a previous mail, "busy" could probably be
used, provided we knew how to properly use it. However the problem is obsoleted
by the fact that the "busy" member was added some time after the first releases
of AIX 5.3. That's probably why IBM used "idle" in its sample code...

The third and last patch only renames the NS_TO_TICKS macro for consistency's
sake, as the only parameter using it is pool_idle_time which is expressed in
clock ticks, not in nanoseconds.

With these three patches, tested and working on production machines ranging
from AIX 5.3ML5 to AIX 6.1TL3, I am fully satisfied with the state of the
plugin. As far as I am concerned it is ready for inclusion.

Aurélien Reynaud

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