[collectd] collectd plugin-specific intervals

XANi xani666 at gmail.com
Mon Oct 4 17:43:51 CEST 2010

Dnia 2010-09-30, czw o godzinie 10:46 +1000, Amos Shapira pisze:

> +1 from me too.
> I'd even ask for a different collection interval per instance, e.g.
> maybe a "df" change on /home or /boot is less important to check on
> every second than a "df" change on /var/log.
> While we are on this topic - until this gets implemented - would it be
> possible to work around this by having separate collectd servers for
> different intervals?
> --Amos

It would especially help with SQL related plugins, so for example u
might want to get data from statistic tables every 30s (as queries like
that usually dont take long) and every 5 min execute query returning for
example how many posts are on forum or how much users are logged in
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