[collectd] notifications looped between several servers

Rus Tam rustam at rustam.net
Tue Nov 23 04:26:15 CET 2010

Hello, all!

In my first post to this list I would like to thank you guys for this great
software and here is my question

I have  several  collectd servers, and I would like them  to have
identical(more or less) data, including data about each other.

To achieve this I tried the following
configuration for clients and servers(two servers for simplicity)

   Server A
   Server B
   Forward false

Server A:
  Listen A
  Server B
  Forward false

Server B:
  Listen B
  Server A
  Forward false

Works pretty nice for the data, no filters needed (as there's a duplicate
detection mechanism(according to man page))
Unfortunately, I can not say the same about notifications coming from
clients:  they seem to get looped  as in logs of both servers
I see endless notifications with timestamps from the past, collectd grows in
the memory, so does network plugin queue length etc

I guess I can remove "Server" directive from each server's configuration and
just rsync A:rrd/A to B:rrd (and viceversa), but is there a way to do it
without involving external tools?

Can  this duplicate detection mechanism be extended to include both data and
notifications or notifications were just designed to work this way?

Thank you!
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