[collectd] Collectd stops data collection after change in System time (towards the past time)

saurabh saurabh.pandya at elitecore.com
Sat May 29 13:52:12 CEST 2010

Dear All,

I have just started to explore collectd (on SUSE 11.2).

I am starting collectd, and allow it to run for some time. After then
I am changing system time (let say: changing time to 1 minutes : past),

collected then not collecting data for 1 minutes (may be for obvious
reason !: )
it again then starts reading values after next one minute laps.

What it seems to me is , if I start collected with 1 year advance date
(future date),
then after some time I correct time again , It will not collect data for
One year ?!

Could you please me point out the modules where such time logic is being
If this is such problem, i will try to look in this.

As in various embedded systems, Systems may start with some defaults
dates and , then
many date corrections occurs during  life time, without system restart
(and so without any
deamon restart :) )

In this cases such time based behavior can be obstacles.

Anyone have any idea ( or patch ) for this ratification?

Thanks in advance,

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