[collectd] Tail plugin "missing" events

Gregory Giguashvili Gregory.Giguashvili at PDGM.com
Tue May 4 10:26:55 CEST 2010



I'm using the following configuration for my tail plugin:

Interval     10

ReadThreads  5


LoadPlugin load

LoadPlugin rrdtool

LoadPlugin syslog

LoadPlugin tail


<Plugin rrdtool>

  DataDir      "..."

  CacheTimeout  30

  CacheFlush    60





      RegEx    "listStudies userid:"

      DSType   "CounterInc"

      Type       "counter"

      Instance "listStudies"




After that, I'm issuing 1000 requests that should match the regular
expression, but RRD results only show at most up to 20 hits per sample.
It looks like the plugin is "missing" entries from the log file when
they come too quickly. Is there a workaround/solution for this problem
or I'm doing something wrong?


Thank you,



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