[collectd] Bug#575029: collectd2html.pl should produce XHTML

Sebastian Harl tokkee at debian.org
Wed Mar 24 17:52:47 CET 2010


(This is a follow-up to Debian bug #575029 -- see
<http://bugs.debian.org/575029> for details.)

On Wed, Mar 24, 2010 at 10:07:27PM +0600, Ivan Shmakov wrote:
> >>>>> Sebastian Harl <tokkee at debian.org> writes:
> >>>>> Ivan Shmakov wrote:
>  >> As the support for XHTML becomes increasingly common, it may make
>  >> sense to implement XHTML output in collectd2html.pl.
> [...]
>  > To cut a long story short: would you be willing to provide a patch
>  > for that?
> 	I'd be willing, but most likely unable to.  Not during the next
> 	three weeks or so, at least.

Okay. With this E-mail, I'm forwarding the issue upstream. Let's see who
manages to provide a patch first ;-)

>  > If not, I'd be forwarding the issue upstream, but I would not expect
>  > much feedback. Patches are always very welcome (upstream), though.
> 	ACK.
> 	FWIW, the whole issue is, as it seems to me, mostly about
> 	lowercasing the tags and checking the output with W3C Validator
> 	(and fixing the issues reported.)

Yes -- I did not expect that to be hard, but it's rather boring work on
something that seems to be used rarely.


PS: Btw., just out of curiosity: Why do you use collectd2html rather
    than, e.g., collection3? How do you trigger the rebuild of the

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