[collectd] SSC Serv 2.0.0-beta0 is available.

Florian Forster octo at ssc-serv.com
Thu Mar 11 18:25:33 CET 2010


I'm pleased to announce the first public beta-test of “SSC Serv 2”, the
next major version of the System Statistics Collection Service.

While most changes are not directly visible to the user, there are some
new features that have been requested repeatedly:

  * The DF, Disk and Interface plug-ins now feature a selection list
    that is very similar to the “ignore list” feature of several
    collectd plug-ins. This makes it possible to ignore the loopback
    network interface, for example.

  * It is now easily possible to configure multiple destinations for the
    Network plug-in or use an alternative port.

  * The Memory plug-in now reports data with far more detail. Instead of
    trying to approximate the behavior of the collectd plug-in under
    Linux is uses the Windows-specific names.

  * The "DF" plugin is using the relatively new “df_complex” type to
    report its statistics now.


Customers can download the beta version from the “Download” page in the
customer's area.

Free version

There's a free (as in “beer”) version of SSC Serv 2 Beta available as
well. The free version comes with the CPU and Interface plug-ins and is
limited to one network destination to send data to. You can download the
free version from:



Of course, feedback is *always* appreciated. But with beta versions,
feedback is *especially* appreciated. So whatever major bug or little
detail you have spotted, please let us know!


“SSC Serv” is a service for Microsoft®  Windows®, which collects system
statistics and submits them to a central statistics server. It is
similar to and compatible with collectd, a free and open-sourced
solution for UNIX® systems. SSC Serv is intended to be an outpost of
collectd in the Windows® world and isn't really useful without a
collectd server instance.

For more information on SSC Serv, please see its homepage at:


Best regards,
Florian Forster
Florian octo Forster
Hacker in training
GnuPG: 0x91523C3D
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