[collectd] Not seeing postgres data from collectd.

Sebastian Harl sh at tokkee.org
Thu Mar 11 11:27:54 CET 2010


On Wed, Mar 10, 2010 at 10:47:39AM -0800, James Armstrong wrote:
> Sebastian Harl wrote:
> > On your local machine, are there any files in /var/lib/collectd/rrd/
> > <hostname>/postgresql-dwh/?
> > 
> > Are there any other files in /var/lib/collectd/rrd/ (on the local
> > machine)?
> Here is the problem!
> The data is appearing in
> /var/lib/collectd/rrd/192.168.X.YY/postgresql-dwh/counter-eventcount.rrd
> All the other data appears under the hostname directory.
> So, it appears the postgresql plugin is using the Host from the
> <Database> stanza.  The database doesn't allow connections through the
> fully qualified domain name (that we use for the collectd collections.)
> Is there a way to tell the plugin that data from Host 192.168.X.YY
> should be associated with Hostname FQDN?

Yes, in case you're connecting through a UNIX socket or when connecting
to "localhost". I suppose, you're running PostgreSQL on the same
machine, right? In that case, simply leaving out the "Host" config
option will let the plugin connect to the UNIX socket.

So, you're getting values on the local machine now? Do you get the same
values on the central server as well?


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