[collectd] Thresholds

Jeremy Hanna jeremy.hanna1234 at gmail.com
Thu Mar 4 17:41:18 CET 2010

I'm getting started using thresholds with collectd and had a couple of

I see in the examples that you can use a Type for stuff like cpu, but
you need to use a Plugin for "memory" and "interface".  Is there any
set of base plugins that you can use without the Plugin tag or

Also, I'm trying to do a threshold with df with a percentage and based
only on ext3 type filesystems.  I'm doing it like this currently:

<Type "df">
    Instance "ext3"
    Percentage true
    FailureMin 2

I know it's a low number - I'm just trying to trigger a failure in the
log file.  Do I need to wrap the Type in a Plugin?  Is ext3 something
that needs to be an Instance or a DataSource?  I ask because even
taking out the Instance line, it doesn't trigger an error and I'm
pretty sure it should.


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