[collectd] python memleaks?

Krzysiek Szczuka krzysiek at kstech.pl
Sun Jul 11 18:48:22 CEST 2010

I want to make a python based module for pinging multiple devices and 
store it to db..
I've compiled collectd-4.10.0 with python plugin.. I've wrote very basic 
'write do /dev/null' module in python, and memory usage over time grows..
When I load only the python plugin, with no modules, it's ok, when I 
load my devnull.py, memory usage grows..
Where's my error if any?
This devnull.py is only write plugin used in my tests..

Here's the devnull's code:
import collectd

def devnull_config(conf):
	return 0

def devnull_write(vl, data=None):
	collectd.info("devnull: %s" % (vl.values[0]))
	return 0


Here's my test:
When there's only python loaded, memory is stable (17:40-18:20)
About 18:24 I've started with devnull loaded..

I've tested it on two machines: Debian5.0.5 with Python2.5 and 
Ubuntu10.04 with Python2.6 - results are the same..

Where's the problem?

Best regards and thanks for great tool - collectd! ;)

Krzysiek Szczuka

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