[collectd] collectd v4.6 encryption?

N. Tucker ntucker-collectd at august20th.com
Thu Jul 8 18:53:53 CEST 2010

Hello, I have a collectd 4.3 server which uses a "network" section that
looks like this:

    <Listen "">
        SecurityLevel Encrypt
        AuthFile authfile

This works with collectd 4.3 clients.  I am using a new client that's
running a newer ubuntu distro, so collectd 4.6.3 is what's installed, and I
can't figure out how to configure the network section.  The daemon complains
that the "Network" plugin does not support the options I've specified:

<Plugin network>
    Username theusername
    Password thepassword
    SecurityLevel Encrypt
    Server "myservername"

It appears that in 4.7, the configuration has changed so that it should be
as follows:

<Plugin network>
    <Server "myservername">
        Username "theusername"
        Password "thepassword"
        SecurityLevel "Encrypt"

But this does not work either.  Is it possible that the encrypted networking
option was removed for one or more versions?  Is it possible to make
collectd 4.6.3 talk to a collectd server with encrypted communications?  The
docs imply that there was no encryption support before 4.7, but this is
obviously false.
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