[collectd] kernel message SIGCHLD set to SIG_IGN

Mirko Buffoni briareos at eswat.org
Fri Jan 29 23:21:58 CET 2010

Hi Florian,

after having patched the code in order to compile collectd-4.8.1 on an
old RedHat 9.0 system, I finally succeded.  However in the logs I see the
following warning message:

Jan 29 23:11:48 server kernel: application bug: collectd(7755) has SIGCHLD 
set to SIG_IGN but calls wait().
Jan 29 23:11:48 server kernel: (see the NOTES section of 'man 2 wait'). 
Workaround activated.

What does it mean?

I haven't tried to compile 4.9.1, so I don't know if it's something that
has already been corrected.


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