[collectd] rrdtool

Kaushal Shriyan kaushalshriyan at gmail.com
Wed Jan 27 14:06:24 CET 2010


When i run rrdtool fetch memory-used.rrd AVERAGE -s 20091226 -e
20100127, i get the below values

1261822450: 2.0091517260e+09
1261848800: 2.0094235151e+09
1261875150: 2.0092428185e+09
1261901500: 2.0092623233e+09
1261927850: 2.0097005365e+09
1261954200: 2.0096478006e+09
1261980550: 2.0089728907e+09
1262006900: 2.0465407797e+09
1262033250: 2.0521587212e+09
1262059600: 2.0520784987e+09
1262085950: 2.0419800303e+09
1262112300: 2.2037169794e+09
1262138650: 2.2729663331e+09
1262165000: 2.2760922959e+09
1262191350: 2.1570277315e+09
1262217700: 1.8761143191e+09
1262244050: 1.8123204795e+09
1262270400: 1.8218329615e+09
1262296750: 1.8796133337e+09

I understand that the first column is time since Jan 01,1970 and the
second column is the value. When i copy 1.8796133337e+09 in excel
sheet, I get weird values, Actually it should be some readable
interger value about memory usage on a particular host.

Please guide.

Thanks and Regards


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