[collectd] collectd for dreambox/mipsel

Michael Markstaller mm at elabnet.de
Sat Jan 9 01:32:46 CET 2010

Just to give some feedback on this:
I miserably failed to build an ipk (with bitbake using openembedded
1.5-toolchain) but I got collectd compiled and working with manually
copying the relevant files and for now I'm happy with that, it works for
some weeks now :)

The rrd-logging is done on another box running collectd anyway already
with the network-module, as I don't wanted to bother the dreambox with
writing these.
In case anybody is interested let me know, I can at least put the
binaries for the dm800/dm8000 somewhere (running current Gemini2)
Since yesterday also with the temperature-sensors from



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