[collectd] [PATCH] Interface option for network plugin

Max Henkel henkel at gmx.at
Fri Feb 26 12:49:02 CET 2010

Dear collectd-developers, users and fans!

I'm very impressed by the features and the idea of collectd.
Especially regarding the context of embedded devices like the
well-known OpenWRT-supported routers. Since these devices are
usually having more than one interface the following issue arose.

The default behaviour of collectd to let the kernel choose the
default outgoing/incoming interface for multicast traffic is not
always a good choice. To have the opportunity to express it
explicitly I've created a patch against the current master.

The patch tries to follow the coding standard, the idea of the
configuration file and the structure of the network plugin as close
as possible. Nonetheless there might be some unconsidered issues and

  Suggestions and feedback is _greatly_ appreciated. :-)

I'm looking forward that my patch gets collect(e)d for inclusion ;-)

Best regards,

< henkel at gmx dot at >
Funkfeuer FreeNet -> http://graz.funkfeuer.at
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