[collectd] Announcing Heymon, a Rails-based frontend for Collectd RRDs

Brian Long brian at dotspots.com
Fri Feb 19 00:14:02 CET 2010

Hi all,

We developed Heymon internally at Dotspots.com as a front-end for Collectd
(RRDs). It's based on the Rails framework. Today we are releasing Heymon as
an open source project (MIT license).

You can find Heymon here: http://github.com/newobj/heymon
A screenshot of Heymon in action:

Heymon has two modes, "Explore" and "Dashboard". Explore allows you to build
graphs from regexes matched into the host, plugin, type, and data sources of
Collectd metrics. It's smart about narrowing selections based on other
selections (e.g. select cpu-2 and it will filter out all your single core
machines as unselectable), which can help if you have a really large fleet.
Any of the graphs you build in Explore mode can be added to dashboards,
which have a simple grouping system. The regex mechanism is powerful because
you can make a graph that leaves host as wildcard (.*) and the graph in the
dashboard will automatically change over time as new machines enter/exit
your fleet.

We also built an alarming system into Heymon, but I don't think it's
polished enough to expose to the public at large right now. With a few
uncomments you can unearth it for yourself if you like.

Heymon must reside on the same box as Collectd's RRD files, and you need to
configure Heymon to point to the Collectd installation.

I'm looking forward to see if people find this useful or want to contribute.
We love Collectd and hopefully this little token of our appreciation is
useful! If you find any issues, please report them at Github.


(PS: This is my first open source project, so apologies if it seems a bit
rough around the edges :-)
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