[collectd] More AIX stuff

Andrés J. Díaz ajdiaz at connectical.com
Tue Feb 16 12:08:44 CET 2010

Hi everybody.

Here are some minor patches to AIX port of collectd. The first one
(aix-test-htonll) adds support to check if the htonl and htonll
functions (which are used in AIX port) are available in
configure. Until now the AIX port used these functions without
perform any existence test.

The second one port memcached plugin to AIX. Since AIX don't
have MSG_DONTWAIT flag support, we use MSG_NONBLOCK... and we hope
to work fine ever :)

Finally port the multimeter plugin too, which do not compile in AIX
without an explicit cast for TIOCMBIC (don't ask). May forcing a cast is
not very elegant for other os... What do you think, Florian?
Maybe we could use here a per-os #ifdef?

The work was done by my colleage Manuel (as previously do), so
credits for him, please.

We promise to try port other plugins to AIX in next months :)

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