[collectd] Version 5.0.0.beta0 available

Florian Forster octo at collectd.org
Mon Dec 6 15:14:35 CET 2010

Hello everybody,

I have packaged and uploaded version 5.0.0.beta0 of collectd. This
version includes a lot of changes to the core daemon, the data sets used
and a number of backwards incompatible changes to plugins. Many of those
changes did not get thorough testing and I expect more new bugs in this
release than usual.

The goal of this beta release is to make these new features easier to
access by the general public in the hope that we can catch as many bugs
as possible before a final 5.0.0 release.

With this release I consider 5.0 "frozen", i.e. feature complete. I'm
sorry that I didn't manage to incorporate all the patches from the
mailing list or new additions cooking on Github. After the 5.0 release I
hope to get back to the 3-4 minor versions per year, so new features get
published in a reasonable time. If your patch is not included in 5.0,
please make sure there is an appropriate section under "Planned
features" on the "Roadmap" wiki page [0].

Depending on how many bugs are reported I may package other beta
versions in the next days and weeks. If you want to be kept up to date
with new beta releases, please follow @collectd on identi.ca or Twitter.


The new version is available in source-code form from collectd's
download page. The direct download links are:

  Version 5.0.0.beta0

  * http://collectd.org/files/collectd-5.0.0.beta0.tar.bz2
    SHA-1: 724790880c77cd48d433ede976f3dac1053fb555

  * http://collectd.org/files/collectd-5.0.0.beta0.tar.gz
    SHA-1: 7e9124c5f9c91009fb6c10269ab9f28d84967851


For a preliminary changelog please see:


Best regards,

[0] <http://collectd.org/wiki/index.php/Roadmap>
Florian octo Forster
Hacker in training
GnuPG: 0x0C705A15
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