[collectd] Jarmon 10.11 Released

Schmurfy schmurfy at gmail.com
Mon Dec 6 10:28:19 CET 2010

it may be a stupid question but I can't seem to find an answer so: what is
running server side to provide the rrd data ?

Julien Ammous

On 28 November 2010 18:46, Richard Wall <richard at the-moon.net> wrote:

> I'm happy to announce the release of Jarmon 10.11 and apologies for
> the delay - this release had originally been planned for August 2010!
> I wrote a number of unit tests which revealed some errors in the RRD
> data extraction which I have fixed. I intend to continue expanding the
> test suite - with the ultimate goal of 100% code coverage.
> I have also created a script to extract API documentation from the
> Jarmon library. Hopefully this will help people understand the code
> and will encourage more participation and bug fixes.
> Download Jarmon from: https://launchpad.net/jarmon
>  * Jarmon is a high level Javascript library which allows you to
> quickly generate interactive DHTML charts from RRD datafiles, entirely
> within your web browser.
>  * Jarmon downloads multiple RRD files in parallel from one or more
> servers using asynchronous XHR requests, extracts and merges the data
> and then plots the results using HTML5 canvas elements.
>  * Jarmon includes a fully working dashboard application - a graphical
> frontend to Collectd
>  * Jarmon depends on the JavascriptRRD, Flot and jQuery libraries.
> == Participate ==
>  - Join the Jarmon Team on Launchpad and send messages to the mailing
> list: https://launchpad.net/~jarmon-dev
>  - Report bugs - submit full bug details in a Launchpad bug report -
> including (if possible) instructions on how to recreate the problem,
> sample RRD files, and failing unit tests.
>  - Suggest new features - first discuss your suggestion with the
> developers on the mailing list, then write a full Launchpad Blueprint.
>  - Contribute code - create Jarmon branches and submit them to the
> developers for code review and merging
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