[collectd] collectd gmond plugin issues

Raymond Flanery flaneryrejr at ornl.gov
Mon Aug 23 19:35:11 CEST 2010

I finally had more time to play with the plugin on our test cluster and 
was able to get it to work. It seems that some of the libraries that 
were being referenced were not being provided in the libganglia download 
either. compiling that from scratch enabled me to get the gmond plugin 

My question now is this: Currently the gmond plugin works via 
subscribing to the multicast group which is being fed by ganglia. One of 
our clusters here that I would like to collect data from using this 
plugin does not utilize the multicast features of ganglia, instead 
sending its data directly to a port on the host. I am not much of a 
networking guy, would it be difficult to get the gmond plugin to work 
under these circumstances, or is there an elegant workaround? The folks 
operating the cluster are not willing to change their ganglia 

Ray Flanery

Raymond E. Flanery, Jr.

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