[collectd] Hi, and solaris 8 compilation problems

Aurélien Reynaud collectd at wattapower.net
Wed Apr 28 22:39:42 CEST 2010


it seems my first email did not make it to the list, so I repost.

I recently discovered collectd and decided to use it to gather system
data statistics for the machines I admin as a job.

There are some old Solaris 8 boxes, in the process of being replaced by
partitioned IBM power systems running AIX 5.3 and 6.1. There are some
linux boxes too for good measure... So I need something both lighweight
(in order not to disturb production) and very portable. collectd seems
to be the right tool for the job.

Alas, I’ve had some trouble getting it to compile on good old Solaris 8.
The problems I encountered:

- Solaris 8 doesn’t have setenv(), which is required for the exec
plugin. You must use putenv(), which is roughly equivalent and available
on systems where setenv() isn't yet.

- Solaris 8 has strtok_r(), but does not declare it by default. You must
at compile time define __EXTENSIONS__, or _REENTRANT or _POSIX_SOURCE >=
199506L. Running ./configure --enable-standards may solves this but
raises a ton of other problems...
- Solaris 8 doesn't have <stdint.h>, which holds the declaration of
uint64_t-like types. Those are declared in <inttypes.h>

Following is an email with a patch for those problems.
        Best regards,

Aurélien Reynaud

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