[collectd] Newbie questions: type_instance

Alexey Lobanov A.Lobanov at gctrials.com
Wed Apr 28 12:30:53 CEST 2010

A part of question has been answered.

On 26/04/10 12:08, Alexey Lobanov wrote:

> as soon as I start to submit non-empty 
> "type_instance", collection.cgi displays a single (first) recorded value 
> only in fresh-created "temperature-floor.rrd".

The problem was timing only. My slow data source (RS-485 line with 
dozens of polled sensors) just did not fit in default 10s interval when 
I wanted to retrieve and submit 3 values per one myplugin_read() call 
(temperature-floor, temperature-ceiling, humidity). In this case 
collectd simply discards data, and it seems to be mentioned somewhere in 

Upon rewriting the RS-485 polling daemon into completely asynchronous 
threaded scheme, recording works fine.


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