[collectd] collectd compilation on solaris 8

Aurélien Reynaud aurelien.reynaud at atosorigin.com
Mon Apr 26 18:06:40 CEST 2010


I just joined the list as I am in the process of installing and testing
collectd on one of my clients’ machines. Some of those machines are
running Solaris 8 and I’ve had a hard time getting collectd to compile
on this old OS.

The problems I encountered:

- Solaris 8 doesn’t have setenv(), which is required for the exec
plugin. You must use putenv(), which is roughly equivalent and available
on systems where setenv() isn't yet.

- Solaris 8 has strtok_r(), but does not declare it by default. You must
at compile time define __EXTENSIONS__, or _REENTRANT or _POSIX_SOURCE >=
199506L. Running ./configure --enable-standards may solves this but
raises a ton of other problems...

- Solaris 8 doesn't have <stdint.h>, which holds the declaration of
uint64_t-like types. Those are declared in <inttypes.h>

Following is an email with a patch for those problems against today's
git repo.

Best regards,

Reynaud Aurélien 

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