[collectd] remote collectd db query

Lorin Scraba lorin at si-bemol.ro
Tue Sep 22 02:24:48 CEST 2009


I want to peek inside collectd database (aka rrd files) from a remote
Nagios instance. The number of systems I manage is fairly large so I
am running
multiple collectd "masters" which aggregate the data from various
collectd clients. The theoretical rig I'm thinking is based on nrpe -
on collectd masters
I run nrpe server, which in turn call nagios-collectd which uses
unixsock. Altough in a sandbox this works well it is a  pretty long
pipeline for
doing monitoring. Can fail in multiple places. I can afford to run
collectd and nagios on the same server. Load related.

So my options so far are:
1 extend unixsock plugin so "netsock" . if there aren't any plans in
this direction i volunteer :)
2 save the rrd files on some nfs mount point and query directly from nagios
3 stick with nrpe
4 use collectd based triggers to submit passive checks to nagios

1 it would be really nice for a lot of reasons. mainly a simple
pipeline and ability to query directly the collectd clients and leave
the masters alone. i  tried socat but it is , to me, a spartan way of
long running services.
2 i am too lazy to not use collectd's namespace available trough
unixsock and there are some nfs-barfing-all-day aspects too
3 unreliable for my sense of job security.
4 i want to keep the alarms logic only in nagios for centralized
control; but if someones has a nagios2collectd thresholds/triggers
conversion script and is willing to share it would be great. i.e. i
want to keep the alerting logic
in  nagios language not necessarly on the nagios server


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