[collectd] Shouldnt collectd also provide an interface to the data?

Lindsay Holmwood lindsay at holmwood.id.au
Fri Sep 4 17:22:59 CEST 2009

2009/9/4 Yann <yann.hamon at gmail.com>:
> None of those, sorry if I wasn't clear... What I would need is more
> collectd "serving" the data to a client upon request.
> Imagine I want to build a GTK frontend, that would run on my laptop: I
> would specify the collectd server address and port, then click on
> "server1" "load" and "daily" - the GTK frontend needs a way to
> retrieve the data from the collectd server, here one day of load data
> for server1 - and right now there is no easy way to do that (afaik)...

I'm actually hacking on a JSON interface onto collectd's RRDs, which
makes it really easy to consume the data:


To get free memory stats, you'd make the following request:


Or if you wanted all the memory stats:


You can specify time ranges as well:


It's a bit rough at the moment, but i'm actively hacking on it so it
should stabilise in the next week or two.


P.S. the other half of what Visage does is graph the data in the
browser with the Raphaël javascript library. :-)

http://holmwood.id.au/~lindsay/ (me)

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