[collectd] ipv4 multicast suggestion..

Bill Harris savoy9020 at texoma.net
Fri Oct 30 15:11:26 CET 2009

Just a suggestion, after spending a few minutes getting the multicast ipv4

It would be helpful, to me, at least, to have an example in the network
entry for IPV4 multicast, as well as the IPV6.  I kept getting no route to
errors on my private lan, and then realized it was using the ipv6 multicast
address (my hosts only use ipv4 on my private lan).

Put a ³Server ³224.0.0.1² entry in and all was well.  A documented example
in the sample config and in the docs would be helpful.

BTW, the patches for FreeBSD 7.2 smp cpu plugin seems to work great.

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