[collectd] snmp big values

Янченко Игорь igor at skif.net.ua
Tue Oct 27 14:42:50 CET 2009


I use collectd for monitoring swiches with big traffic around 800M-1G. I 
have next problem:
when I set Interval 300, collectd write into rrd complete nonsense 
values. But when I set short interval (like 10) I get correct values.

I also use mrtg for monitoring, for correct values in mrtg I write 
":::::2" after ip in config, like this:

Target[]: #Vl111:comunity at

mrtg have interval 300 and write correct values with this string.

Sorry for my bad english.

With best regards
email: mailto:igor at skif.net.ua
jabber: xmpp://ig0r@jabber.kiev.ua

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