[collectd] SNMP Sub-OID Question

David Mitchell mitchell at ucar.edu
Mon Nov 23 18:43:33 CET 2009


I'm trying to get the SNMP plugin to monitor client statistics on my
wireless access points and have run into a little problem. The Cisco
AP's I have use a fairly long instance in this table which includes the
MAC address. Collectd only seems to use the last single OID from the
instance in the name of the value. In my case, this ends up being the
last octet of the clients MAC address. Unfortunately, there is no table
I can use to map the instances via the "Instance" configuration option.
I quick perusal of the code seems to show that the single-value suboid
seems fairly hard-coded in. Is there any workaround for this? Have
others hit this issue? A search in the bug tracker didn't turn anything up.

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