[collectd] OpenVPN plugin 2.0

Marco Chiappero marco at absence.it
Fri Nov 6 16:32:51 CET 2009

Florian Forster ha scritto:
> Hi Marco,

Hi Florian,
time passed by and I forgot to send you the code.

>> Unfortunately backward compatibility is broken by the new naming
>> schema, more collectd compliant (and necessary with multiple
>> conf/status files support). So plugin_istance is now the status file
>> name (or the status entry number), while the plugin_type is now the
>> hostname when in multicontext mode or the traffic and overhead when in
>> single.
> I'm afraid we need backwards compatibility for this. In the Sensors
> plugin we have a config option called “ExtendedSensorNaming” for this.
> I'd do the same here and introduce a
>   ImprovedNamingSchema true|false
> option which, to preserve backwardscompatibility, defaults to “false”.

I'm attaching a new version that includes this config key. By default 
the old naming schema is used, while for the single mode the new naming 
schema is always used since there's no backward compatibility to be 
preserved. You can use the previous file[1] for the 5.0 branch where 
only the new naming schema will be used.
A new man page text is still lacking, maybe I'll write it in the next days.


[1] I've found an error in a comment ("waist" instead of "waste"), but 
it doesn't really matter.
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