[collectd] ip6tables and uptime plugin

Marco Chiappero marco at absence.it
Fri Mar 20 19:02:31 CET 2009

Florian Forster ha scritto:
> Hi Marco,

Hi Florian,

> From what I see, all you have to do is replace
>   iptc_handle_t, iptc_init, iptc_first_rule, iptc_next_rule, iptc_free
> with their ip6tc_* counterparts.

Yes, that's what I already said I have done. :)

> I think the plugin is easier to maintain in the future, if we pull the
> IPv6 stuff into the `iptables' plugin and add, e. g., a `Chain6' config
> option.

I'm afraid you are right, and, as I said yesterday, I want to see how to 
change the iptable plugin, hopefully in the next days (not sure whether 
to add an enum protocol value in the ip_chain_t struct or instantiate 
two different chains, need to see how many changes are required but 
suggestions are welcome).

About the uptime plugin:
New code attached, it should be fine now (different linux behaviour and 
some minor changes). As soon as I can I'll send to you a plotting code 
sample (with lots of stuff and RPN expressions) to be added in the 
contributions dir, if you like, and edit the wiki page.

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