[collectd] Network Plugin - Clients in a DMZ

shygh at gmx.de shygh at gmx.de
Thu Jun 4 17:41:32 CEST 2009


iam trying to implement collectd at work, there are round about 50 hosts, and i planned to configure them as clients with one server, wo recieves and graph the rrd files (via cacti).

my problem is, that some collectd clients stay in a dmz, so they cant really talk to the server, which stays in the lan.

i looked for several sollutions, but nothing semmed to satisify me.
the best thing would be, if the network plugin could "ask" for new data to the client, instead of listening. but that's not possible, isnt't it?

my second idea was, to store the .rrd files on each client locally and geht them via rsync or something similar. disadvantages are lots of traffic and maybe many I/O for the server.

third idea was, to store .csv files on the clients, get and the server gets and parse them into .rrd files via script. problem is, there is no such script, i had to write it and it must be complex and iam not a good programmer.

is there any "simple" sollution? iam relatively new to networking/monitoring so maybe i missed something very easy.


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