[collectd] filetr config

János Prepuk prepuk.janos at gmail.com
Thu Jun 4 16:11:05 CEST 2009

Hi all

I would liek to try out the filter with the next config:
PostCacheChain "PostCache"
<Chain "PostCache">
 <Rule "to_summpoller">
  <Match "regex">
     Host "^name.server.com$"
     Plugin "^snmp$"
     Type "^current_connections$"
  <Target "write">
   Plugin "rrdcached"
   Plugin "network"
 <Target "write">
  Plugin "rrdcached"

I would like to send the data "current_connections" about the "
name.server.com" to the server via network plugin, and all datas of all
hosts store locally (rrdcached). But with this config the client sends all
datas about every host to the server via network plugin. (The rrdcached
works well.)
It seems the collectd ignore this config.

How could I filter the network plugin?

Thank you.


Janos Prepuk
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