[collectd] collectd on xen guests

Florian La Roche florian.laroche at gmx.net
Thu Jul 2 11:16:25 CEST 2009

Hello collectd-list,

thanks again for collectd-4.7. Works beautifully (together
with some of the post-release patches ;-).

Here a small FYI on how I configure collectd on a xen
machine at home:

Below part of my config where I first change the libvirt
data from "Domain-0" which is hardcoded into xen to be
the hostname of machine. Second replace is to not list
the vif interface number, as that is a new number each
time I restart the xen guest. Of course this only "sort of
works" for one network interface per xen guest.
Good enough for me and results in slightly nicer reports
for a my home server.

    LoadPlugin "match_regex"
    LoadPlugin "target_replace"

    <Chain "PreCache">
    <Rule "virt-dom0-change">
      <Match "regex">
        Host "^Domain-0$"
        Plugin "^libvirt$"
      <Target "replace">
        Host "\\<Domain-0\\>" "myhostname.example.com"
    <Rule "virt-if-change">
      <Match "regex">
        Plugin "^libvirt$"
      <Target "replace">
        TypeInstance "vif.*" "vif"


Florian La Roche

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