[collectd] Collect scalability

Lindsay Holmwood lindsay at holmwood.id.au
Thu Jan 8 04:32:49 CET 2009

2009/1/8 Jason <jason+collectdml at cae.wisc.edu>:
> We have recently been experiencing crashes which, though I have not yet
> thoroughly investigated, may be similar to this.  Do you have a script
> handy which would validate rrd files in mass and determine which ones
> may be the offenders?

Running file against corrupted RRDs has worked for me in the past.
Valid RRDs will show up with "RRDTool DB version 0003", while
corrupted ones will show "data".

Something like:

find /path/to/collectd/rrds -name '*.rrd' |xargs file |grep ': data$"
|cut -d ':' -f 1> ~/corrupted.txt

will give you a list of potentially corrupted files.


http://holmwood.id.au/~lindsay/ (me)

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