[collectd] Small bug with handling boolean options in the apache plugin

plazmus pseudo at egg6.net
Thu Dec 31 02:21:01 CET 2009


Today I upgraded a machine from 4.5.2 to 4.9.0. Everything went fine, but
the new version segfaults immediately at startup. With some help from gdb
I tracked down the problem to the apache module. It will occur if one
tries to use the VerifyPeer/VerifyHost options (I guess few people use
these as I don't see complaints?)

When the plugin attempts to read the value of a boolean option, instead of
using the pre-parsed int value, it misdetects the type of the option
(seems a mechanical mistake) and tries to use the string pointer, which is
actually NULL.
I'm sending a patch, it's actually shorter than the description ;)

Thanks to all developers and maintainers of collectd for working on it.
Have a nice holidays.
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