[collectd] libvirt and collectd (Part II)

Israel Garcia igalvarez at gmail.com
Tue Dec 22 04:06:18 CET 2009

Does anybody on this list has setup libvirt plugin on a xen dom0
running debian lenny?
I've tried a lot without success. This is what I did:


compiled 4.9.0 in dom0 and collectd server.

used libvirt from debian lenyy (version 0.4.6-10)

startup libvirtd -d (not in listening mode) as a damon and got the
libvirt shell working, can list domains, etc.

setup this on collectd.conf:
   LoadPlugin  libvirt
  <Plugin libvirt>
       Connection "xen:///"
 NOTE: Here it's supposed collectd get all stats from all domain
ruining on the dom0, but it  didn't work.

After that, I get only on rdd's folders a strange virt_cpu_total.rrd
and a graph I could not understand. I got disk stats very well of
every domU but could not get any stats from network.

So, What am I missing? What's left here?
Please, I appreciate any help or hint or something..:-)

Israel Garcia

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