[collectd] problem with libvirt/collectd.

Israel Garcia igalvarez at gmail.com
Fri Dec 18 23:18:24 CET 2009


I'm running collectd 4.7.4 ona dom0 running debian. This is my collectd.conf:
LoadPlugin libvirt

<Plugin "libvirt">
  Connection "xen:///"
  RefreshInterval 60
  Domain "dom0"
  BlockDevice "name:device"
  InterfaceDevice "name:interface"
  IgnoreSelected true
  HostnameFormat "name"
I'm getting this error on syslog:
Dec 18 17:01:49 dom0 collectd[18904]: libvirt plugin: Unable to
connect: virConnectOpenReadOnly failed.
Dec 18 17:01:49 dom0 collectd[18904]: read-function of plugin
`libvirt' failed. Will suspend it for 240 seconds.

Do I need to change something on xend-config.sxp file?
What's wrong here?


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