[collectd] collectd for dreambox/mipsel

Michael Markstaller mm at elabnet.de
Thu Dec 17 19:11:41 CET 2009


I tried to cross-compile collectd for my dreambox (DVB-receiver mipsel).

Now, not being a developer knowing what I do here, managed to suceed in make, but the collectd binary seems simply to do "nothing":
--- cut ---
root at dm8000:~# collectd -f
--- cut ---
runs, simply stays there, no errors, no nothing

- using openembedded 1.5 toolchain on Debian lenny, configure and make don't complain
- 4.4.2 and current 4.8.1 (without-rrdtool)
- --with-fp-layout=nothing/endianflip/intswap

tried various configs, disabled all other plugins, but no single word from collectd
--- conf ---
LoadPlugin cpu
LoadPlugin csv
LoadPlugin network
<Plugin csv>
    DataDir "/tmp/csv"
<Plugin logfile>
    LogLevel "debug"
    File STDOUT
<Plugin network>
       Server "" "25826"
--- conf ---

Any hints on getting some further (debug) appreciated!


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