[collectd] Collectd as back-end collector for ozMonitor project

Khalid 12345khalid at googlemail.com
Sat Dec 5 18:43:13 CET 2009


First of all I wish to thank you for the excellent tool you are developing.

We are analysing your tool in order to use it for the new release of our ASP
monitoring solution ozMonitor.
Currently, we are pushing a french solution ... version 3 will be in english
as well and must provide more features.

Our solution website : www.ozmonitor.org (french version)

Well, I'm sending you this email asking for few things :
1/ Legally, could we use collectd as back-end? I think yes ... isn't it? how
about licensing model used now and planned for the future (not clear from
the website)
2/ First test of collectd was great by our tester. however one of the
plugins was  not fully working .... I mean the curl plugin ... very
important for our  solution. Is it possible to have a simple curl plugin
downloading the page simple and provide availability and download time as
well as failur raison?
3/ Simple tcp connect to a defined port (1521, 3306, 25, 110, 80, 443 etc
...) test using any basic tcp test librairy  (echoping for example ...)?
4/ IP/SLA probes (formerly Cisco SAA) could be supported? via SNMP plugin or
a dedicated plugin?

For sure, we can help improving you excellent tool if the current
collectd4ozMonitorr PoV (proof of value) is positive. hopefully yes :-)

Thanks in advance,
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